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Dream on Education is a licensed educational consultant who specializes in overseas education services. We are located in Dillibazar (opposite Padma Kanya School), Kathmandu, Nepal, the educational hub of the country.

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Educational Counselling

It is important for one to choose and decide on a definite career path early in one’s life. With a wide range of courses and university colleges. Seeking international students like YOU.We promise you to provide wonderful/ Best educational counselling. While selecting universities/colleges, it is important for the students to take the Standardized Test Application, Application Essay, Admission Requirements and many more.

  • Course selection
  • University selection
  • Standardised test (PTE/IELTS)
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Admission Requirement


Interview Preparation

Preparing for a visa interview can be tricky. Once everything is prepared, it is the final and most crucial step. With our professional members, we assist you with interview preparation. We prepare you for typical questions asked during the visa interview, such as the reason for your visa, your intended activities, the length of your stay, and your ties to your home country. You will receive instructions on how to prepare your responses to these inquiries, with a focus on being precise, succinct, and truthful.

Other considerations are also necessary, and we will make sure to bring them up to you during your interview. 


Visa Assistance

Obtaining a visa for study abroad can be a complicated process. We are here to help students with their visa applications by offering support and direction. We also assist students with researching the country’s visa requirements so they can familiarise themselves with the process and give themselves plenty of time to complete all the required steps. It is important to make plans in advance because some countries have lengthy processing times.

Our main objectives are to assist you with your financial paperwork, provide guidance regarding the payment of any application fees, and maintain a copy of your application and all supporting materials for your records. For the most accurate and recent information , keep us in mind for your visa applications.


Collaborations to institutions

We offer a space for you to introduce yourself and foster strong professional relationships by sharing updates, progress, and ideas. We give you the opportunity to network with professionals at events in your field, which enables you to keep in touch with your collaborators in a timely and efficient manner. 


Registration for Entrance and English tests

We conduct both IELTS and PTE classes and also help you with Standardized English Test booking.


It is a globally recognized Standardised English Test that assesses English Language Skill in the areas of Listening, Reading, writing and Speaking.      

PTE- academic

PTE Academic Exam is a computer-based English Language Test accepted by educational institutions around the world. PTE Academic measures your English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a single, short test. It lasts for three hours and is divided into sections. The test will automatically continue after the section’s assigned time has passed.


Academic Counselling

In today’s world, choosing the right course is crucial for students. Dream On can help students explore different courses and programs that fit with their interests, academic qualifications, and financial situation.

Our counselling department knows what universities in different countries will look for and what Standardized English Test courses students should take to be eligible for admission to university. We also search for colleges or universities that provide financial aid. Students are also encouraged to check admission requirements with individual universities.

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